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At Izmir SEV Middle School, students grow up in a multilingual and multicultural environment, rich in academic and extracurricular activities, with full belief in Atatürk’s principles and revolutions.


The educational activities in our school are designed in a way to develop students’ cognitive, physical, and emotional skills and build up their self-confidence. Our educational approach values learning through experience and is based on inquiring knowledge and meaning making. The educational studies are used as a tool to raise students as productive, creative individuals who can think critically by helping them improve their critical thinking skills and competence.


The learning process in our CIS accredited school is planned so that the medium provides a positive, safe and student-centered learning environment and enhances skills development.


Our highly qualified staff support our students’ learning performance and personal growth by taking their differences and interests into close consideration, and guide them to become team players who can work collaboratively.


SEV students who are aimed to graduate with the 21st century skills and competence are supported to become individuals who have developed a well-layered cultural identity, self and social awareness, own a global perspective, have digital, scientific and technological competence, and can communicate effectively in their mother tongue (Turkish) and in English.


At Izmir SEV, our students have the joy of learning new things, and experience the distinguished difference of receiving a very well-balanced top quality education and social activities.




IT Integration In Education:


As a result of globalism, developments in science and technology, communities seek for individuals who have life-long-learning skills. One of the required basic skills in life-long-learning as declared by the European Union is ‘digital competency’. Taking this as a starting point, we have our students acquire the basic skills of IT through a program rich in various applications.


In order to convert the digital interest of the students of this era so as to improve their learning process, IT integration into lessons take place in each and every lesson, along with the specially designed computer lessons. Thus, our students, who have different learning styles, are given the opportunity to make use of technology to reinforce the acquired knowledge independently. By providing a massive IT integration in school life, our students develop a very clear awareness and vision in the use of technology.


Learning Performance Enhancement Applications:


In our school where skills development is emphasized as much as knowledge retainment, an educational program which provides learning performance development of our students and supports their growth as a whole child is targeted. Therefore, in the program we follow, our students’ individual differences in their learning performances are diagnosed in advance and activities are prepared accordingly to fulfil their needs. With these applications, we aim at developing our students’ thinking skills and expect to see reflections of this ability in their academic and social lives.


Thinking Skills Education:


In our school, thinking skills education is applied in Kindergarten through grade 5. In these lessons where Mind Lab methodology is applied, it is aimed that the students’ thinking skills are supported as well as basic life skills which help them grow as conscious individuals who are aware of their own potential.