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Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to Izmir SEV Schools which, bound by the Ministry of National Education, was founded by the Health and Education Foundation in 1997 with SEV American Schools’ educational heritage exceeding a century.
As the first elementary school that was accredited by CIS ( Council of International Schools) in the Aegean region, our school runs a student-centered educational program with its professional teaching staff, innovative approach, enriched academic program, English learning medium, social life and art and sports activities.
As a results of our educational process that aims to develop skills; our students grow up to be individuals that carry a personal and societal awareness, are self-confident, knowledgeable in the methods of learning and aware that learning is a life-long process, equipped with the knowledge, skills, responsibilities and attitudes required for higher educational institutions, having internalized own culture is respectful to differences and speak a high level of foreign language.
Our school gives great importance to assessment and evaluation in order to ensure a complete, comprehensive learning. In an effort to raise students that think, research and produce, our students are encouraged and referred to participate in international projects and programs such as ROBOTICS, science and art fairs, educational trips, DI ( Destination Imagination ), JMUN ( Junior Model United Nations ), World Scholar’s Cup as well as national and international exams and competitions. Our students have been very successful in many national and international events such as these and many others.
The IT integrated education at İzmir SEV Schools aims to increase the students’ ICT skills as well as enhancing their learning of the course content. One of our priorities is to raise our students as individuals that possess 21st century skills and talents who are aware of their social responsibilities and have adopted a global perspective. This cause is supported throughout the academic year by IT integrated lessons, reading programs, library lessons, performance-enhancement practices and study hall programs.
We start a new year with our Live.Learn.Love motto and the belief that every child is unique. We wish a healthy, peaceful, happy and successful 2018-9 academic year to you all and welcome all our children back to school.
İzmir SEV Middle School Principal