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Dear Parents and Students,
Izmir SEV Schools, bound by the laws of the Ministry of Education, were established in 1997 by The Health and Education Foundation to extend the SEV American Schools’ heritage and experience stretching well over a century. 
Our schools are in accordance with the principles of the Turkish National Education and provide an education that is aligned with Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions. In our schools we embrace the importance of developing skills equally as knowledge and therefore provide an enriched academic program that aims to develop our students’ learning performances. The educational activities that are based on this program are designed to optimize the students’ potentials in terms of cognitive, social-emotional and physical skills. Our professional staff, coupled with an innovative approach, structure the learning process to be student-centered and skills-based.
The educational approach of our schools that have been accredited by the CIS (Council of International Schools) as being at international standards, takes questioning and giving meaning to knowledge as a basis and cherishes learning through experiencing. The studies are designed to develop the students’ self-esteem and confidence and to help them become productive, creative and critical-thinkers.
The SEV Students that are expected to graduate with the main skills and qualifications of the 21st century are supported to be individuals who have a cultural identity, have a global perspective, have a high level of awareness, have a digital competency, who can communicate effectively both in mother tongue and in English, who have an awareness of social responsibilities and equipped with core science and technology competencies.
We believe that everything starts by loving a child and we believe that every child is special. As the SEV family, we embrace all our children and families with love.