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In this changing world, everything is changing rapidly and due to the changes in life many aspects are changing; concepts in science and technology are changing, the true knowledge is changing. In accordance with these changes, expectations from the individuals and skills required are changing as well. In this period of ongoing change, education is tied to technology more and more and the concept of technological integration in education is becoming a more prominent and important aspect.
At İzmir SEV Middle School, BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) approach was adapted and our fifth grade students started using their ipads on one-on-one basis in the second half of the 2013-2014 academic year as our piloting group. In Maths, Science, Social Studies, Turkish and English lessons 1:1 ipad usage was promoted. SAMR model and Mankato’s philosophy was taken as the starting point and by means of getting all the stakeholders of school on board, the BYOD 1:1 ipad project took its start and consequently, IT entegration in our school’s educational system was accomplished successfully.
The concept of IT Integration in Education means that IT is integrated in the learning/teaching process of all the subject areas in an appropriate and meaningful way by means of an interdisciplinary approach. Izmir SEV Schools’ focus points on IT Integration in Education are as follows:
- To accomplish the Learning Targets
- To support students’ learning
- To provide meaningful learning experiences
  - To support support students acquire 21st century skills
Teach@iSEV blog page has been prepared so as to enable all SEV teachers and teachers from other schools to have access to the in-school educational content and activity samples.  You can access this page by clicking the following link.
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