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The goal of the Guidance Department is to help the students to recognize themselves and, therefore, become individuals who are able to overcome problems, make the right decisions, establish positive relations with the people around them, and help students to become psychologically healthy individuals who would contribute to the community and to become whole persons. In order to achieve this goal, basic skills emphasized in the individual and group work done with the students are as follows:

  • Communication skills 
  • Problem solving skills 
  • Basic values for individual development 
  • Positive social behavior 
  • Self-confidence 
  • Professional awareness 
  • Healthy physical growth


The SEV Guidance Department works in cooperation with teachers - an important part of the chain. The Guidance Department organizes seminars to train students, teachers and parents. They organize orientation programs for new faculty and new students. The Guidance Department prepares projects with regard to student behavior and makes arrangements for the implementation of these projects in the school.