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Sport contributes to the development of healthy, self-disciplined individuals and is an integral part of the educational program. Students have opportunities to practice the sports they love through competitive teams and sports clubs, as well as in Physical Education lessons. Apart from participating in sports commonly played in Turkey, students also experience sports from different cultures such as cricket, lacrosse, and baseball. Competitive teams bring additional pride through tournaments and league competitions. It is our objective to support our students develop athletically, academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. Through some positive experiences, students learn to compete with sense of sportsmanship.


Our philosophy in reaching these objectives is to grow in our students the rules of Fair Play; which means that our students be/play honest, be respectful of their environment and other students, develop a love for sports and physical activities, develop their skills, set high reaching goals for themselves, learn to conduct themselves with an appropriate level of discipline, learn to put in their best effort and to aim for individual success as well as the success of the group.


Students in our middle school grades receive progressively more in-depth understanding and knowledge related to specific dual and team sports. Sport rules and strategies are taught as students are directed in various sport drills and scrimmage practice. Critical thinking skills are important means of instruction during these years.