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In grades 1-4, the aim of the program is to ensure that all students learn, have the opportunity to grow up happily as knowledgeable and skillful individuals with self-confidence, in line with their interests, aspirations and abilities. Priority is given to teach the students how to learn. Individual differences among the students are taken into consideration and differences and different viewpoints are considered of value. Education methods are developed by making maximum use of technological facilities, particularly computer technology, at all levels. Computer-assisted education is part of our school program.


The delivery of the curriculum is designed to enable students to become independent thinkers and learners. This goal is achieved through practical activities and units of inquiry. Students are encouraged to learn by doing rather than by having facts and information delivered by the teacher. There are standard subjects and number of lessons set down by the Turkish Ministry of Education, taught by the Turkish classroom teacher. In addition to these courses there is English, taught by a team of foreign and bilingual English teachers. And there are subject teachers who are specialists in Music, Art, Chess, Creative Drama and Physical Education.





In order to give students a well rounded education environment, interdisciplinary projects and plans are prepared and have a place in yearly plans. If learning is meaningful, transferable, related to real life, it becomes permanent for students. That’s why inter-discipline work plays such a large role at SEV.




Grades 3 – 8, students prepare research project in various subjects. The basic aim of the research projects is to help students to develop different research skills and as well as planning skills and time management skills. The important aspect of the project is the process itself.




At SEV School, in addition to computer lessons, “Computer Supported Education” is carried out by all of our teachers. “Computer Supported Education” is used to give students a chance to experience different types of learning by using technology. We have three computer laboratories in two buildings specifically prepared for the purpose of carrying out this program.




Portfolio files are created to help students demonstrate their learning growth and development throughout the academic year. Portfolios are considered to be a part of teaching and training activities. Portfolio files consist of samples from a wide variety of in-class activities and should also be used as assessment tools, both for teachers and students.




At Izmir SEV School, the individual academic development of students is very important. Therefore, in order to help our students with their individual needs, there are opportunities for extra help, either implemented in the schedule or done after school.




Open House is a day when our parents are invited to see an exhibition of our classroom and group activity work.




As a part of our education philosophy, in order to give our students the opportunity for various hands-on learning experiences, we include field trips in our curriculum. Academic trips are organized for all levels. Related with their curriculum, starting with grade 4, overnight trips are arranged. We have just enriched our trip program with an overnight camp in Grade 3.