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International Activities are projects that are carried out in partnership with the schools in Europe and the U.S.A., developed on a given topic or theme.  The aim of the International activities is to help students experience peace, friendship, love, international information transfer and to develop their skills in specific areas.




Izmir SEV Elementary School carries on European Union general education Erasmus Plus activities.  These are global activities which support to improve the quality of education, the cultural exchange and global partnership.  The schools become partners to do a common project and share it through the students / teacher exchange programs.




SEV Elementary students are encouraged to participate in international programs for environmental management. Students and staff actively learn to improve the environment of their school and to create environmental awareness among their families and local communities.  The international coordination of the Eco Schools project (www.eco-schools.org) which is carried out in 23 European countries and in South Africa in about 7500 schools is held by the International Foundation of Environmental Education FEE ( www.fee-international.org ).  TÜRÇEV is responsible for the organization in Turkey.  The program enables the schools to apply an environmental management system that is generated by ISO 14001/EMAS.  The organization awards the Green Flag to the schools which are certified as Environmentally Friendly as a result of their Environment Education program.  İzmir SEV Elementary School was awarded the Green Flag by FEE in 2005-2006, as a result of the activities that were done about resource and waste management.  The Green Flag is awarded to the schools for a period of two years after which the school is expected to carry out further activities on topics; Resource and waste management, water, energy, and biodiversity.




This is an activity organized by FIRST (For Inspiration of Science and Technology) Foundation and LEGO company to support and inspire scientists and engineers of the future.  Each year a different theme is provided by the organization.  The project has two stages: development; and performance assignment of the robot.  The teams that win the first three places in the national competitions attend the international competitions.