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What is the date for the transfer exam?
Please click here for more information on the transfer exam.

Do you give scholarships?
We give scholarships based on financial needs and academic merit. This opportunity is only available for our students enrolled in our school. Scholarship applications are announced in April – May to our students’ parents.

Do students graduating from SEV Middle School have any privileges on the scores of the central exam to enter İzmir American High School?
As announced on their school website, İzmir American High School admits students based on the scores achieved in the central exam administrated by the Turkish Ministry of Education. İzmir SEV Middle School graduates will not be given any privileges for the admission.

We’d like to enroll in Kindergarten. I’d like to get information on the orientation dates and the school fees.
Click here for details and more information.

What are your admission requirements and dates for 1st Grade?
If we have enough open places in any grade level, we can have admission process. Our admission process becomes clearer after the admission term. Open places for 1st Grade is announced in March on our school website and the admission process begins in January. The dates however are not certain. We hereby reserve the right to change the dates.

I would like to get general information on the school please.
You can watch the introductory video on our school website or watch it on youtube. Please click here to watch the video.

I’d like to get information on the scholarship requirements and exams for students who will enroll from 4th grade into Grade 5.
We do not provide any exams for scholarships. Please click here for details.
Please click here for more information on the open places admission process.

What are the admission requirements for foreign students?
Students are required to take equivalency certificate from Provincial Directorate For National Education as administrated by the Turkish Ministry of Education. Further assessment will be made based on the school admission requirements.

What is the tuition?
Our school fee will be announced in May- June on our school website. Please click here for details.