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General objective of Religious Culture and Ethics education: Providing sufficient fundamental knowledge on religion, Islam Religion and ethics to students in elementary and secondary education in line with the general objectives and principles of Turkish National Education Policy and in conformity with laicism principle of Ataturk; thus, ensuring development of Kemalism, national unity and solidarity, humanity in terms of religion and ethics; and raising virtuous and moral people.   

The applied programme is based on ensuring that the students acquire the knowledge that religion is a notion that gives meaning to human life, that facilitates living humanely, that embodies the fundamental communication codes required for people to understand one another, that establishes positive relations between God-human, human-human and human-universe and regulates these relations. 







  • Establishing a religious understanding based on the intellect and science.
  • Implementing curriculum to fulfil the needs of a democractic and secular society.
  • Revealing the integrating, comforting, and peace and tolerance encouraging power of religion. 
  • Developing and implementing teaching methods to serve raising of students who think, question, integrate their beliefs with the intellect, who are productive and aware of importance of creative thinking. 
  • Inciting the awareness that humans are the most precious values after the creator and giving importance to personal development. 
  • Setting forth the approaches of religion on protection of the natural environment. 
  • Ensuring acquisition of techniques such as researching, being one’s own teacher, effective learning, productive working and problem solving by the children.
  • Raising individuals, who are capable of selecting their own truths today in which the truths are changing faster than before, who have self-esteem and autocontrol skills, who can control their emotions and who can take action on their own.