The basic goal of the 3rd grade program is to build on the knowledge, skills and experiences that students developed in the first two grade levels. They are engaged in various activities to promote their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The first three years are vital in developing the love for their mother tongue, reading habits and in implementing essential skills for using the language correctly with its rules.


Students are expected to express correctly of what they see, listen to and read both in written and orally. Students are encouraged to develop reading habit through reading programs. It is aimed to enrich their vocabulary. They are introduced to different types of writing to help them acquire self-expression skills. They work on sequence of events, retelling and correlating the texts with actual life. In addition to these they learn Turkish and international cultures and love all humanity, their country, nature and life.


Turkish course is a good medium to give collaborative learning opportunities to students to improve their communication skills. They learn the skills and habits of cooperative working, helping each other and working together. Through many writing and speaking activities they are encouraged to be creative individuals, who can express themselves, have self-confidence.




The basic goal of the Maths program is to give solid background on mathematical concepts that would lead them to higher level of problem solving skills. Through activities, experiences, manipulative and visuals the right atmosphere is created for the students to internalize mathematical facts. They are encouraged to develop analytical thinking skills and transfer the knowledge to daily practices. Students learn the logical ways of solving the problems and estimating the results.


In grade three the basic topics are natural numbers, geometry, measurements and data collection. Students can read and write three-digit numbers and apply them in four operations in problem context. Geometrical objects are introduced to show planes and planar area. Students draw lines, rays, line pieces and learn about angles and angle types. They explore geometrical objects around them and they find various patterns. They acquire measuring, weighing and drawing skills. They are encouraged using mathematical expressions in solving problems with basic mathematical operations, making graphics easy-to-understand and deriving rules, establishing relations, making estimations.




Social Studies in the lower primary is a theme based subject which prepares students for upper level Social Studies and Science and Technology courses. The themes are designed to help the students to learn about their school environment, their family, their community they live in and connection between past and today.


The themes are delivered through inquiry and research that help students discover them, their own environment and develop skills required for problem solving and critical thinking. Life Science lessons guide them in learning how to find reason-result relations, having responsibility feeling, making good use of time, energy and materials. Through activities and group work students improve their cooperative working and communication skills. Respect for our flag, our National Anthem and Atatürk is reinforced. We aimed to create awareness for community and the world at large, while nurturing a love for humanity.