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In order to teach at SEV, a prospective candidate must be eligible for a Turkish work visa. For visa approval, the requirements of the Turkish Ministry of Education and the Turkish Ministry of Labor stipulate that the teacher must have: 


  1. An undergraduate degree from a 4-year accredited college/university in the subject area to be taught. This means a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in a teachable area.
  2. A teaching license from an authorized educational authority (state or provincial teaching certification) with an appropriate subject/grade level endorsement. 

There are no exceptions to these requirements. Candidates without the above listed qualifications should not apply; the Turkish Ministry of Education requirements prevent SEV from considering candidates who lack these specific qualifications.
Also note that all social studies classes are taught in Turkish by Turkish nationals. 

In SEV Elementary, the school looks for candidates with ESL/EFL experience in addition to an undergraduate degree in English or Elementary education. The degree in elementary education which is common in North America applies only to grades 1-5. Middle school teachers must have an undergraduate degree in English with middle school licensure. 

Beyond the academic credentials, the schools also look for candidates with experience in international or intercultural working environments, a high degree of flexibility, professional collegiality, and educational experience outside of the classroom such as sponsoring clubs, coaching, or service-learning experience.

The salaries of our international teachers are paid in US Dollars which are transferred to the teacher’s account of choice. The salary, free of Turkish taxes, can provide a comfortable living under local conditions and also allow for travel both inside and outside of Turkey. A portion of the monthly salary is deposited into a local bank for use by the teacher in their daily living. Benefits include furnished housing plus utilities, round-trip airfare for the beginning and end of the contract, baggage allowance, an annual pension contribution, and medical insurance within Turkey. 

The Turkish culture is warm and welcoming. Our lovely garden-like campus is a wonderful place to work with enjoyable students and colleagues. As a teacher at ACI/SEV you will work hard and face some challenging cross-cultural experiences that are typical when living abroad, but you will also be thrilled at the quality of places to play and at the depth and strength of the friendships you will make and retain throughout your life.