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The educational process in the preschool has got to be very well planned and requires a thorough schedule due to the importance of pre-school education. It is very important that the educational activities are prepared in correlation with the objectives of the program, and that the expected learning outcomes of children are measured and evaluated during and at the end of the learning process. Therefore, assessment in preschool is a basic component of the learning process occurring at this level.


In our school, our students are being followed and evaluated as a whole regarding their personal growth and educational progress. Assessment provides important data which enables us to  see how much a student has learned about a particular subject and yet how much s/he needs more to learn. Assessment has a prominent role in the successful application of the Whole Learning Model in our institution.


A student is observed in detail in terms of all developmental areas as a whole and his/her results are reflected on a progress report. It is registered as a report entitled as The Progress Observation Form. Each and every student’s development is evaluated individually, skills and behaviours before and after the educational process is examined and the progress is depicted accordingly. Moreover, some mid-assessments are also applied at certain check-point dates to measure the level of acquisition of the objectives.