SEV provides an English language program that equips students to be confident and strong users of the language. The program is designed to put SEV students on the same footing as children throughout other European countries.

English is a very important aspect of our school program. From Kindergarten to Grade 8, our English program is designed to create effective readers, speakers, writers and listeners. Beginning with the basic skills, our program is enriched with research projects, drama programs and literature studies.

Professional teachers from North America, Turkey, Europe, and other foreign countries, provide a program of superior quality. Along with their teaching skills, they also bring new cultural wealth to our school. Our teachers help us to become world citizens by introducing us to the cultural aspects, traditions and holidays of other countries.

English is also used when we have classes in music, computers, and physical education. To develop our creativity and communication in a foreign language, there are performances, language clubs, presentations and interdisciplinary studies at each grade level.