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At İzmir SEV Preschool, an educational model which aims at supporting students’ physical, cognitive, social and emotional development,fostering creativity and awakening an interest and curiosity for learning is applied. In our preschool where diversity is respected and valued; the growth of students as independent, multi-faceted , inquisitive individuals is amongst our educational goals.




In our preschool, our students are taught to prepare projects according to the steps of the project-based approach. Each student chooses a topic and does a research about this subject thoroughly. Students start their studies by asking some questions that they are curious about the topic they have chosen and start their research. The answers they they find or the answers their friends give, the trips and activities made related to the topics, all help students to have various learning opportunities. They feel excited about sharing their knowledge about their topic with their friends in class and enjoy making presentations to their families at the end of their project preparation process. In addition to this, projects are a great opportunity to involve parents in their children’s learning.


Moreover, students are exposed to a well-rounded education environment, interdisciplinary projects and plans are prepared and have a place in yearly plans. If learning is meaningful, transferable, related to real life, it becomes permanent for students. That’s why inter-discipline work plays such a large role at SEV.


Open House


This is a day when our students share their year-long activities and studies with their parents. The aim of organising the Open House Day is to inform parents about how the academic studies are put into practice and to give them a clearer idea about the preschool academic approach. Our students model their in-class activities for their parents during their visit.


Field Trips


As a part of our education philosophy, in order to give our students the opportunity for various hands-on learning experiences, we include field trips in our curriculum. Academic trips are organised so as to give our students the opportunity to make some observations and investigations during their learning process. These trips enable students to get to know their environment, create a medium in which they learn the targeted concepts, and acquire the objectives of the educational program better.