Library Visits

At SEV we believe tha reading is a very important element of language acquisition. Therefore, pre-reading skills are given high priority at SEV. Every week our Kindergarten students visit the library where our SEV English Library program fosters a passion for reading through various activities that our students love taking part in. Our library staff and teachers make both SEV Elementary School library a major attraction for our students.


Open House

 Open House is a day when our parents are invited to see an exhibition of our classrooms and group activity work.  The date of the open house is announced in the beginning of the academic year.


Educational Trips

 As a part of our education philosophy, in order to give our students the opportunity for various hands-on learning experiences, we include field trips in our curriculum. Academic trips are organized for all levels. Related with their curriculum, starting with camping trip in grade 3, overnight trips are arranged.


Research Projects

The Kindergarten students prepare research project in various subjects. The basic aim of the research projects is to help students to develop different research skills and as well as planning skills and time management skills. The important aspect of the project is the process itself.


End of the School Year Festivities

Towards the end of the second term parents are invited for students to showcase their end of the year project and celebrate their completion of Kindergarten with activities and events prepared by Kindergarten teachers.